About Us

Small Changes, Big Impacts

Welcome to New Wave Shaving and thank you for visiting us today!

New Wave Shaving was created in 2021 by two best friends who first met at University way back in 2008. 

From two sleepy villages in Huddersfield you might ask, 'why would they care about shaving and the environment so much?'.  Well, we grew up in the countryside and have spent our years in the great outdoors, regularly found exploring the UK and abroad.

We here believe that making a small easy change to your grooming routine can make a huge difference in 3 aspects of your life.

1. Your Pocket

By making a switch to a New Wave razor you can save over 70 pounds over 2 years of shaving vs a traditional cartridge razor or a subscription service. ​

​2. Your Skin 

In using a safety Razor you are only using one super sharp blade which cuts the hair once, this causes less drag, less pulling of hairs, less ingrowing hairs and less skin irritation.

3. Your Planet

When using a New Wave safety razor all waste is 100% recyclable (including all postage and packaging), and there is a lot less of it.

Traditional shaving  is very reliant on plastic and the US Environmental protection agency state that over 2 billion razors get thrown away a year in the USA, and in the UK it is estimated to be at 5.5 million.